Our Values

You'll know if you'll fit in at MullenLowe Profero if:

Colombia test: You're interested in what is happening - where ever it is happening; new technologies, different cultures and the out of the ordinary.


Colombia test: You're independent, determined;

you love taking responsibility and problem solving

You're proud of your craft, but you achieve the best results when you work with others (plus it's more fun right?)

You see the reality, and acknowledge the obstacles, but aren't discouraged by them.

You can see the good and the bad, but at the same time, you expect success, and put in the effort to make things turn out well.

You can laugh at yourself and see the funnyside of most situations. You work hard but know the importance of having fun.

You're a maker. Wether you're pushing the pixels, writing the code or helping the entire thing cross the finish line.


When you catch up with old freinds and they ask how you've been, you say; look at this thing I was part of.